France will host the 2010 European Championship

Update December 9th : Events now fully validated by FFVoile

It will be fully confirmed only after formal validation by FRA MNA (FFV) planned for Nov 23rd but as calendars are being built all around Europe at this time, UNVMP Pierrelatte in France has awarded EC 2010.

Dates will be September 24th to October 2nd.
A Pre NOR will be issued shortly with a more complete schedule.
For those interested, Tricastin cup is planned at the same location for Easter (April 3rd-5th).

Olivier Cohen
Vice-chairman (Events)

IOM Class Rules 2009. Update

RSD approved 2009 version of the IOM Class Rules is published and effective from 5 November 2009.

You may find changes in 2009 edition of the iOM Class Rules and reference to relevant AGM Resolutions in file IOM CR 2009_021109_changes.pdf .
Measurement forms dated 2007 are still valid because changes in 2009 edition of the IOM Class Rules don’t have influence on relevant items in Measurement forms.

15-nov-2009. Update

There are two typographical errors in original published IOM CR 2009:
CR A.5.1   “2009-20012 ERS” must be replaced with “2009-2012 ERS”
Last page  “Effective 5 October 2009″ must be replaced with “Effective 5 November 2009″
If you already downloaded IOM_CR_2009_021109.pdf please delete it and download the corrected file IOM_CR_2009_021109_corr.pdf.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Robert Grubisa
Vice-Chairman Technical