2019 World Championship: Deadline for bids

Deadline for bids for Worlds 2019 was last Friday September 15th, and nothing was received.
We know that some countries are working on a bid but couldn’t be ready on time.
Deadline is postponed to October 27th.
Thanks to all NCAs interested to confirm their will before this date.
Questionnaire available on IOMICA website
Olivier Cohen

New NCA: The country of Japan

Notification of Welcome

Re: Announcement of the country of Japan formally joining the WORLD COUNCIL as the newest NCA

World Council Members:

I, Fred Rocha, serving as Chairman of the Executive Committee am proud to announce the completion and approval of the application process allowing Japan to become the IOM ICA family’s newest National Class Association.   Continue reading

NCA application received from Japan.

The formal notice of the announcement of the application received from the country of Japan to form an NCA and join the World Council has been posted in the forum board.

The effective date of this announcement is posted on August 16th, 2017 and  will serve as the initiation date for the four week review period by the Executive Board to make a determination and ruling of acceptance.

Gary Boell
IOMICA Secretary

2017 Edition IOM Class Rules

2017 Edition of the IOM Class Rules, Measurement Forms and Q&A have been published on the IOM ICA website under tab “Class Rules 2017“.

All 2017 edition documents are valid from 1st May 2017.