2016 IOM European Championship awarded to Vitoria (ESP).

 IOMICA Exec and Events SC have awarded IOM European Championship 2016 to CN Vittoria and ESP NCA.
Dates will be confirmed after discussion with IRSA (there is a Marblehead WC planned in 2016) but we will propose June 18th to 24th 2016.  

2016 IOM European Championship. Bids

Deadline is now over, and events SC has received 3 bids for EC 2016.
– Spain (Vittoria)
– Turkey (Istanbul)
– Israel (Sdot Yam)

2016 IOM European Championship: Bids deadline.

IOMICA is awaiting proposals from NCA wishing to organise 2016 IOM European Championships.
As already written to European NCA, deadline for questionnaire is January 15th 2015.
Olivier Cohen

2014 European Championship. Podium

2014 Euro Podium

Congratulations to Brad Gibson (GBR 42 European Champion),   Juan Marcos Egea (ESP 90, second )   and Olivier Cohen (FRA 100 , third)

2014 European Championship – Allocation of places.

Taken from IOM Class Championship Regulations 2013
The maximum number of boats shall be 76.
The initial closing date shall be June 27th 2014. In order to be included in allocation of places, non continental NCA shall declare their will to send entries six months before the start of the event. (So   March 27th, and AUS and USA have declared interest before)
The allocation of places shall take place within 14 days of the initial closing date.
Read the full article here

2014 European Championship – NOR available

Notice of Race for 2014 IOM Championship (Campione del Garda Italy) is available on championship website  http://www.iomec2014italy.com/home.html
Non-European NCAs should ask for a place before March 27th if they want to send a competitor,This is in accordance with the Class Championship Rules 8.2. . Request should be sent to vcevents”at” iomclass.org.
Allocation of places will be published after March 27th

2014 IOM European Championship awarded to Italy.

Euro 2014 will take place in Italy (Campione del Garda) at dates to be confirmed end of   September, early october. Precise dates will be given soon.
Thanks to Spain and France who have also proposed very good applications.