2012 IOM ICA Annual General Meeting

Although there is no requirement to give notice earlier than is defined in the Regulations it is best to let everyone know as soon as possible so that any preparation of resolutions, etc. can start as soon as it is practical to do so.

The target that we established last year is to aim for somewhere near the middle of November each year for the actual AGM to take place. It will be, again, completely “electronic” although we may try to make it a bit more interactive if I can find a simple way of doing that.

4.1. Meetings of the World Council shall be held
4.1.1. Either in such physical place and time as the IOM ICA Executive Committee may
consider most convenient to the majority of the members,
4.1.2. Or by electronic communication.

Therefore the target date for the 2012 IOM ICA Annual General Meeting is to be November 18th, 2012. Continue reading

2011 IOMICA AGM Voting Results

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6.1 – CR F3.1/4.1

94 %


6.2 -CR Sec.G

100 %

0 %

6.3 – CR F4.5

95 %

5 %

7.1 – CCR 8.2/8.6.1

91 %

9 %

7.2 CCR 8.6.1/8.7.1

87 %

13 %

5.1 – Chair : A. Moreno



5.2 – Secretary: B. Fox



5.3 – Treasurer : D. Turton



5.4 – VC Tech : R. Grubisa



5.5 – VC Events : O. Cohen



5.6 – VC Meas: L. Neish



5.7 – VC Comm: P. Egea



2011 AGM Voting Strength

The countries that submitted their owner lists in time are shown in the attached table. The deadline for submitting the numbers has been well published and frequent reminders were sent to all NCA representatives right up until a day or two before the deadline.

Countries shown in red will not be permitted to vote during the Annual General Meetings. Any sailors who are in those countries and feel their voice should be heard are encouraged to discuss that with their own NCA representative.

-Barry Fox
IOM ICA Class Secretary

2011 IOM ICA Voting Strength-2


2010 IOM ICA AGM Voting Strength

The final count as received from   NCA.Voting strent

The next target is for every NCA   to conduct their in-country voting and have the results to the Exec Secretary prior to November 15th.