Emergency Class Rule Change: gooseneck/kicking strap

Following previous postings regarding Emergency Class Rule Changes associated with the construction of combined gooseneck/kicking strap fittings, consultation with IRSA to receive their approval of the change has resulted in a different proposal which has recently been approved.

The letter  from IRSA contains the approved Emergency Class Rule Change wording as it will be submitted for Class Approval at the upcoming Annual General Meeting. Please make sure that your class members are aware of the change and that has immediate effect.

2013 IOM ICA Annual General Meeting

Meeting Agenda

1. Call To Order
2. Confirm Quorum
3. Approve Agenda
4. Declare Voting Strength
5. Election of Officers
5.1. Chairman
Nominations for Fred Rocha (USA) for the position of Chairman have been
received from CAN and BRA Continue reading

Request for Interpretation of Class Rules concerning chainplate position.

Request for IOM Class Rules Interpretation from CAN NCA.

With the emergence of the new high prismatic narrow hulls with chines, the decks are becoming much narrower than traditional IOM designs.

With a narrow deck, the chainplate position moves inboard and the shroud base gets narrower. I have attached a pictures of a narrow IOM (see below) with rounded sides where the chainplate eye has been placed proud on the center of the topsides to widen the shroud base. See diagram F.

My question is does this contravene class rules?

D.2.3.c Fittings shall not project outboard of the hull shell or deck. Continue reading