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by Rainer
10 Dec 2005, 19:02
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Topic: What will happen on 1st of June 2006 ?
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Hi Laurent,

the bulbs on your picture are not stainless steel, they are made from lead. But they have a very smooth surface.

by Rainer
11 Mar 2004, 07:19
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Topic: Hull weights?
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Hi Greg, at the moment i´m building a "arrow" with balsawood and a coat of epoxy. -planks of 3mm extra-light balsa, glued with cyano -complete transoms and fin box -the inside complete sealed with epoxy and reinforced with some stripes of fi...
by Rainer
20 Dec 2003, 12:17
Forum: Class Rules
Topic: Sandwich or not?
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Sandwich or not?

Hi! there is a discussion in the german IOM-Forum about the legality of a sandwich-constructed hull. I used 3mm balsa for the planking. Now i want to use a layer of fiberglass for the outside and the inside of the hull. They say: this is a sandwich-construction and it is forbidden! But i didn´t fin...