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08 Oct 2008, 04:40
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Topic: Servo Voltage
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Hi Don, Back to your origional enquiry, I run an IOM (RMG), a Soling 1 Meter (HS-815BB) and a Halo30 (HS-815BB) with 7.4v LiPo batteries through the Spektrum AR6000 receiver. The RMG has the battery going to it then to the receiver but in the S1M and the Halo the battery is connected directly to the...
25 Mar 2007, 15:16
Forum: General IOM
Topic: Wiring diagram for Graupner Regatta winch, anyone?
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The worst possible thing to do is short the Red and Brown wires. Unless of course you intend to blow up you battery pack and possibly burn a hole in your boat. You said it yourself. Red is positive and Brown is negative. Never the twain should meet. Apart from all that I don't know the winch you are...
26 Sep 2005, 16:32
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Topic: 2005 World Championships (unofficial) results compilation
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Have a quick look at third position. I think you will find it is Paul Jones sailing a Cockatoo II.

Larry Reedman.
07 Apr 2005, 04:50
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Topic: Jib Leech to Main Luff Relationship
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Jib Leech to Main Luff Relationship

Can anybody out there tell me if there is an optimum distance between the leech of the jib and the luff of the main? i.e. the clearance between the end of the jib boom and the leading edge of the mast. I have varied this distance from 1mm to about 25mm by adjusting the jib boom pivot on the boom and...