boat bag ?

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Gilbert Louis
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boat bag ?

Post by Gilbert Louis » 18 Nov 2006, 23:22

Hiya - got sorted on the sailbag now looking for a nice comfy boatbag for my boat. Currently use towel but not ideal and I'd like something that will protect the boat better.

I've seen them on pics but can't find who makes them... ?

Anyone ?

Best Regards
Gilbert LOUIS
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Bruce Lopez
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Boat Bag

Post by Bruce Lopez » 19 Nov 2006, 02:30


If below is something that you were considereing, PM your contact info. This version is not padded although I believe he makes a padded version now. There is also a velcro pocket on the top to keep your rudder.


Bruce Lopez
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San Diego, California

Ralph Knowles
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Post by Ralph Knowles » 19 Nov 2006, 03:37

Hi Gilbert,

Try Ken Binks at:-

He has a padded boat bag called a Yot-Sok which is really 'The Bizz!' A pal of mine has one. Blag one as a Christmas Present. Costs about £53 but has some good features, carry handles, zip opening, padded rudder storage, either on or off the hull, and a pocket to accommodate a bag of regenerative silica gel, which is included. Cat. Item:- AC 001a
Try phoning him mid week as he is at the 'Croatian Nationals' in Dubrovnic this weekend.


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Peter Allen
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Post by Peter Allen » 20 Nov 2006, 12:29

I am shure Ken's bag is of high quality and so are others,a carry strap from bow to stern is a big asset when walking around the airport as u can sling it over your shoulder rather than poke the lady in front of you :D

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