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Certificating a boat from another island

Posted: 07 Sep 2009, 14:54
by Peter Allen
I have a boat purchased at the worlds,and it needs a change of ownership cert.The boat is owned in Trinidad our neighbouring island,it's the first boat there so no DM.Can i issue him one out of BAR?can the boat carry TRI or will it have to be BAR?If not what do we do,the guy is a pilot and probably will attend overseas regattas. Regards Peter Allen

Posted: 07 Sep 2009, 22:48
by jandejmo
Hi Peter

A.14.1 A hull may be issued with a new certificate, showing dates of initial and new certification control as applicable:
(a) WHEN A CERTIFICATE BECOMES INVALID UPON CHANGE OF OWNERSHIP and the new owner applies to the certification authority in the country where the hull is to be registered. The application shall include the old certificate and re-certification fee if required. In the case of an imported hull the certification authority shall request the measurement form(s) from the previous certification authority and a new hull registration number shall be issued,

C.5.1 Certification Authority
For the hull, the ISAF, the MNA of the owner, or their delegates.

So it depends on where the hull is to be registered. In Trinidad and Tobago the Trinidad and Tobago Sailing Association - - is the Certification Authority and T&TSA may delegate the authority.


Posted: 08 Sep 2009, 13:25
by Peter Allen
Thanks Jan for the heads up.Peter