AGM voting

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Andy Stevenson
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AGM voting

Post by Andy Stevenson » 10 Sep 2006, 23:07

Ladies and Gentlemen

There is still time for a turn round to occur, but unless some heavy voting takes place in the next few days this is looking like it’s going to be an extremely poor turn out.

I’m lead to believe that, so far, NCAs around the world have had a very poor response to the owner ballots for AGM votes.

It would be premature to announce, in my capacity as IOMICA Secretary, that the AGM has had a poor turn out. However, as an IOM owner and an individual with an interest in the class I feel it wholly appropriate to attempt to generate some interest in the workings of the class.

So come on people please, read the resolutions, listen to your World Council Representatives, take an interest, put pen to paper or finger to keyboard AND VOTE! How can the World Council, through the Executive Committee, do as IOM owners would wish if you won’t tell us?

Similarly, if there’s a reason, other than apathy, why you’re all not voting, let’s hear it. We can’t put it right if you don’t point out where it’s wrong.

As I’ve said, these are my personal views, not necessarily the views of the IOMICA Executive Committee.
Andy Stevenson
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