Reciever installation

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Reciever installation

Post by jeolla » 04 Oct 2006, 23:44

Hi, I'm new i RCsailing. At last my homebuild,selfdesigned IOM are ready for the '06 campaign! One last question: I'm using a Hitec Eclipse
Pro Car radiosystem with a HIS-03MK receiver. The antenna is rather short (35 cm) and now the question: Is it OK to keep it horizontal under the foredeck? The range seems OK.
Hope someone can help.

Jens DEN103

Bruce Lopez
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Post by Bruce Lopez » 05 Oct 2006, 05:05


Good luck with your new design. As for the radio/receiver question. Although I do not believe they offer the Eclipse Pro Car radio system here in the US, I use an Eclipse with a suface spectra module in place of the 'aircraft' module. In my ODOM and Soling One Meter boats, my reciever antennas run under the deck. The antenna is placed in a tube which is mounted a few inches off the bottom of the hull to keep it dry. I have had no problems with range using this method.
In the picture below you can see the antenna doing a 180 before being place in the plastic tube which does not touch the bottom of the hull. I get very good range using this setup and have not encountered any problems. Yet. :shock:



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Bruce Lopez
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Post by cfwahl » 08 Oct 2006, 03:53

I've been using Hitec dual conversion receivers (like the DCX pictured in an earlier post, or the Supreme 3500), with one of the short "loaded" antennas made for park flyers, but for the 75 MHz band in the US. Absolutely no problems with interference or range, and it's very easy to put this under the deck inside a drinking straw that's siliconed to the receiver/battery pot in the hull.
I'm using the M75-L.
Charles Wahl

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