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2008 Subscription to ISAF-RSD

Posted: 01 Jun 2008, 18:34
by soeren_andresen
Hi all

I have been checking up on thing, that has to do with the IOM EC in Dubrovnik. Talking to our treasure her in DEN, it has to my notion that we have not pay any subscription for 2008.
Looking at the ISAF-RSD webpage, there is info regarding subscription for 2008.

Is there anybody out there that has paid for 2008, or know what is happing with ISAF-RSD. :?:

I have tried to mail the treasure, but I just get a mail delivery fail message.

We are 2 sailors that would like to participate in the EC for IOM in Dubrovnik, and I remember that there was 2 Swedish sailors that was not allowed to take part in the 2007 WC in Marseille, because Sweden hat forgot to pay the the subscription for 2007. We don't want to be in the same situation, and not being allowed to enter in the 2008 IOM EC. :evil:

Best Regards

Posted: 12 Jun 2008, 10:13
by soeren_andresen
Hi again

I know the question is´t strickly IOM related,

Posted: 13 Jun 2008, 07:09
by Bruce Andersen
I was also trying to contact RSD for another issue and e-mailed John Cleve who is listed as the chairman of the permanent committee. He replied that he is no longer in that position and that Jan Dejmo. Perhaps he could help you find an answer.

Posted: 30 Jun 2008, 10:49
by awallin
from 2007 I have the following email archived:

dated 16 August 2007
Dear Division Member,
If you are no longer the representative for your DM please pass this and subsequent emails on to your replacement, or advise me of the details of the person taking your place. Thank you.

One or two of you have made enquiries regarding subscriptions and your status for this year. It was announced at the beginning of the year that subscription for this year would be suspended for DMs that were not in arrears. See copy of email below.

However some of you still sent in a subscription. If it was by cheque, the cheque was not cashed and was destroyed. If it was by bank transfer then it has been credited to your account with RSD for your subscription in subsequent years.

If you are in arrears, the Subscription Status on the web site will show you, then payment for the arrears should be paid.


Keith Skipper
As far as I know the FIN DM has not paid anything to RSD in 2007 or in 2008, because RSD announced that they do not want/need any money due to the current inactivity.


Posted: 06 Jul 2008, 05:03
by Steve Landeau
Thanks for the update Anders.
So it can be assumed that there will be no dues for 2008. With no cashflow for RSD, what will this mean in the future? Is the RSD position vacant? One of the things that really bothered me in the past was that RSD tended to make their own decisions without communicating with the ISAF radio sailing classes. If someone is actually holding an RSD position, it would be nice to hear from them. If not, it might be a good idea to start thinking of a nominee.

2008 Subscription to ISAF RSD

Posted: 07 Jul 2008, 04:32
by Ken Dobbie
In the 10 year period that I held the position of National Secretary of the Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA) and for a period during this time as a member of the RSD Permanent Committee (PC) I was never aware of the PC making critical decisions on class matters without reference to DM's. Rule changes were always supported by a questionnaire to DM's seeking input to changes. In Australia we polled members (through their clubs) to determine our position on proposals. I know that a number of DM's did not respond to the PC requests and may not have sought members opinions.

One of the factors beind the decision to waive subs for 2007 was the healthy financial position of RSD, from memory somewhere of the order of UK 10,000 pounds.

I anticipate that ARYA will be enquiring into the present situation with RSD and hope that moves to correct the inactivity will arise from these discussions.

Posted: 15 Jul 2008, 10:48
by jandejmo
The current ISAF-RSD agreement with ISAF has right from the start had the status of a temporary one. An agreement which enables RSD, while benefiting from a number of ISAF services, to plan for the integration of radio sailing into the ISAF organisational structure. RSD has currently no formal ways of influencing ISAF decisions but ISAF has always been very responsive to RSD wishes and has for example adopted and published the RRS Appendix E.

Our class rules and other rules are now in ISAF format and it is time for the RSD members to make a number of decisions. Simplified the possibilities are:

A. RSD decides not to go ahead with ISAF integration and once again becomes an independent world organisation.

B. RSD decides to go ahead with full ISAF integration. A radio sailing class will then, like all other ISAF classes, be represented by an international class association.

Option A would likely mean that if no radio sailing class would be an ISAF member ISAF would stop world wide distribution of the radio sailing racing rules and an ISAF sailor would risk losing his/her ISAF eligibility if entering a radio sailing world championship for a class not affiliated to ISAF.

Option B would call for a decision on RSD. The main options are:

1. RSD is dissolved and each radio sailing class can seek ISAF status through its own international class association.

2. RSD becomes an international multi class association for the radio sailing classes that would wish to join ISAF that way.

As the One Metre class already has an international class association the class can basically decide on how to proceed independently of what will be decided in regard to the options listed above.

It has for a number of reasons taken much, much longer than hoped to finalise the details for the membership decision on the future of RSD, but hopefully we can have a voting in a not too distant future.

RSD has money enough to finalise the job and that is the reason why the membership fees for 2007 and 2008 were set to zero. It seems like this has not been appropriately communicated and I am sorry about that.

Best regards

Jan Dejmo

ISAF-RSD vice chairman

Posted: 16 Jul 2008, 01:41
by Steve Landeau
Thank you for the update, Jan.

Posted: 18 Aug 2008, 14:46
by awallin
Hello Jan,

As I am sure you have some insight into how ISAF works, do you have any information on what is required for an ISAF-recognized class association? (either IOM-ICA or multi-ICA)
What are the costs and commitments?

It seems that in the IOM class it is very hard to find volunteers to work for the ICA, so we would have to think hard before committing to any additional administrative or financial duties wrt. ISAF.