Fin airfoils

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Robert H
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Fin airfoils

Post by Robert H » 09 Jun 2008, 02:51

I have found only one commercially available fin that lists its airfoil , Anders Wallin has one for sale: 0006( 6%t/c).
Sails ect lists 6, 6.5 and 7% for t/c, but no airfoil.
What other airfoils are being used commercially or just by home builders for fins and rudders?

Thanks, Rob
Robert Harik

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Post by awallin » 25 Aug 2008, 12:32

For bulbs we have been using the NACA 0010-34 which also has max camber at 40% but is a little different from the standard 4-digit series.

Measuring some commercial fins I would say the 0010-34 is pretty close to a number of commercial fins.

There's some more info on bulb shapes on Lester's site:


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