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MX14 after Widget

Posted: 26 Oct 2014, 23:06
by Rob Maller
Life after sailing a Widget...

I'm now thinking of upgrading(?) after my present Widget.....
Thinking of ordering a MX14; I really like the build quality and am looking for an upgrade in performance.
I haven't seen any top results so far.....would this be a nono when it comes to the boats potential??

Thx in advance for yr reply


Re: MX14 after Widget

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 19:03
by Dave Pickett
Hi Rob,

Just because this or any other boat isnt featured high in results is probably only an indication that none of the top skippers sail one! It's a conundrum because like most sports, the skipper and boat setup will make a far bigger difference than the hardware involved, yet we try and convince ourselves we need the latest and greatest in order to compete.

If you like the build of the MX14 them I would say go for it and spend time tuning and sailing it - if you have confidence in the boat it will serve you well. I have a Shiraz which is pretty much unknown in competitions, ad I will post a write up about it once I have got it sorted. Maiden sail was last Thursday, and it's fair to say it surprised owners of Fractuals with it's speed.........

Re: MX14 after Widget

Posted: 27 Oct 2014, 20:41
by Rob Maller
Thx for your reply Dave!

The main reason why I want to switch to a newer design is that they've got a lot more volume in the bow.
The waters where we normally sail can be quite choppy; our present boat likes that a lot upwind, but downwind and in a broad reach, she is a right pain to handle.