Travelling with an IOM

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Travelling with an IOM

Post by ron » 29 Aug 2004, 20:03

I am going to Toronto with my IOM via Air Canada. Anyone have recent experience on how to avoid oversized baggage charges? I think I can get the boat itself in a small enough box. The rigs, however, are going to be way over.
Thank you, Ron

Bruce Andersen
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Post by Bruce Andersen » 30 Aug 2004, 05:28

Avoid the hassle by planning ahead a bit and ship it! I can send a boat box, rig box, and transmitter case cross country with Fed Ex Ground for about $60. It takes about 5 days from Boise to Miami. The last time I brought my stuff with me on a plane (2 years ago), the checkers actually made me put the boat/transmitter together to prove they were not dangerous.

Dan Crowley
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Post by Dan Crowley » 30 Aug 2004, 15:40

Ground shipping works, but if you absolutely have to put it on a plane, I've heard that putting the rigs in fishing rod cases works. You'd have to take the booms off, of course. I believe the rod cases are considered oversized, but usually the airlines let it slide because they are compact and light. I flew to San Diego with one of those large, triangular rig boxes, and they hit me up for $25 bucks.

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Post by Secretary » 30 Aug 2004, 17:11

Hi Ron,

Most of the "vacation" geared airlines up here in Canada (by that I mean JetsGo, AirTransat, Tango...) will make allowance for "sports/recreation equipment" and not charge you oversize luggage fees. 99.9% of what comes through in that category are, of course, golf clubs - but model sailboat equipment qualifies. I've never once been charged extra fees.

However, I'm not sure if AirCanada subscribes to the same policy - you should check with them.

If you decide to ship your equipment with FedEx Ground (or some other courier company) - bear in mind that it needs to be clearly labeled (somehow) that it will be returned to the US (you ARE crossing the border afterall) - otherwise you may get slapped with some major customs bill (both ways - if you're not lucky).

Even if the goods are declared like that - most courier companies slap on what they call a "brokerage fee" for passing the goods through customs. This can be pretty hefty as well - so check with them first!

Bruce can probably tell you more - if he had shipped his stuff to Vancouver last year...

If you DO decide to use ground shipping - you can ship your stuff to my place and pick it up on arrival (I can use another boat - **just kidding**).

Contact me via e-mail if you're thinking of going this way and I'll send you my address...


Bruce Andersen
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Post by Bruce Andersen » 01 Sep 2004, 05:47

Sorry Marko, I drove my stuff up to Vancouver last year - did not want the hassle of shipping through customs - I think Roy had some problems in that regard.

You might want to ship your stuff to one of the guys in the Northeast US that plan to drive up to the great white north.

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Post by MCooper » 01 Sep 2004, 15:04

I personally have never been able to bring my sail box on a plane after 9-11 at least with Continental and Southwest. Not sure why but some of the guys that travel with the IOM have no problems at all. Maybe because I am flying the peanut fares who knows. :lol:

I have been taking my boat with me in a hard plastic golf case that I purchased from Academy for around $29 on sale and checking it through as baggage. NO EXTRA FEES. I also purchased some foam and basically make an enclosure to rest the boat inside. Has worked very well for me on several trips and will continue to use. Radio and equipment I take with me and check in my bags as you cannot carry them on the plane anymore either, or at least I have not been able to. As far as what to do with the sail box, I have been using FedEx and have no problems whatsoever in shipping anywhere in the US and into Canada for the Worlds. Everything arrived at its destination on time and I do not remember paying any extra fees to ship. Just make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get there. Set up an account with FedEx as well as there are some benefits for doing so.

The guys in California have come up with an ingenious way to ship everything in one box very efficiently. I am sure that they may be able to shed some light on this but basically they take the masts apart and roll the sails on tubes of some type. They are able to set up very quickly when they get to their destination so obviously it works. I do not believe that they pay any extra fees and can just place as part of their baggage.

I wish you well and as always...
Good Sailing ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ _/)

Mark Cooper
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Brad Gibson
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Post by Brad Gibson » 02 Sep 2004, 11:26

Hi Guys,

For the Worlds last year, Dan W & myself had to transfer from LAX through to Vancouver.
We flew Atlantic & had no problems with boats & rig boxes.
Each we had 1 x luggage bag(with tx, fins etc) 1x boat box & 1 x sailbox.

Both sailboxes were taped & strapped together so as to form 1 piece!

Atlantic charged us USD$50 for having 1 extra piece as only 2 pieces are permitted per person, though no charge was made for oversizing.

Hope the above helps in some way.


PS: the leather seats & cheeseburgers were welcome a change from Qantas! :D

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Post by ron » 04 Sep 2004, 00:42

Thank you one and all for your input.
I have decided to take my chances with Air Canada. They charge $50.00 US ($65.00 Canadian) per item oneway so the sting won't hurt too bad if it is implemented. This is probably close to the shipping charges and without the hassle.
I am going to call it sporting equiptment thus trying to avoid the expense.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to visiting beautiful Kingston for CORK and renewing friendships from a previous visit.

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