Carbon Bodied Goosenecks

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Simon Lawson
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Carbon Bodied Goosenecks

Post by Simon Lawson » 02 Sep 2012, 19:17

Can somebody please clarify are carbon fibre bodied gooseneck legal for a one metre class boat?

AA Parts and Ullman Sails produce such goosenecks ... roduct=188 ... -7-mm.html



IOM GBR 3517

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Re: Carbon Bodied Goosenecks

Post by Hiljoball » 04 Sep 2012, 18:46

Hi Simon,

This has been discussed before but never resolved to my satisfaction.

There appears to be a hole in the rules in section F3 & F4 that it omits any statement for materials for the parts (required and optional) that are not the mast or spars. So my completely unofficial logic is the IOM rule is a 'closed' rule and that you are required to have a gooseneck but it cannot be made of anything - similar problem for (say) spreaders. (Contrast with F6 Running rigging which has a suitable statement). As this creates a nonsense situation, the opposite must be true and the gooseneck can be made of anything.

I have asked several times for a rule change fix this issue and to add materials to these two sections (even if it is to say 'materials are unrestricted') but without any action being taken.

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