IOMICA policy on requests for interpretation

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IOMICA policy on requests for interpretation

Post by Chairman » 19 May 2004, 19:14

The Executive, in consultation with the World Council, has developed an IOMICA policy on requests for interpretation of class rules:
  • IOMICA encourages discussion around the class rules
  • IOMICA encourages NCA/NCS officers to answer questions about the class rules at national level wherever possible
  • IOMICA encourages Owners to discuss the class rules with their NCA/NCS, in the open IOM Forum, and elsewhere, and encourages IOMICA and NCA/NCS officers to participate in such debate
  • IOMICA emphasises that while such discussion and debate should involve the exchange of informed opinion, any views expressed are neither official nor authoritative and do not represent IOMICA's position
  • IOMICA encourages an NCA/NCS officer to request an official interpretation from the IOMICA Technical Sub-Committee via the VC Technical in all cases where an NCA/NCS officer feels this would be useful
  • In general, it is the NCA/NCS which is the source of official requests for interpretation
  • Official requests should be submitted to the IOMICA TSC with supporting documentation that provides diagrams, quotes relevant rules, and gives a summary of the issues
  • Where the IOMICA TSC becomes aware of a discussion about the class rules that, in its view, should be the subject of an interpretation, the TSC may make an official request on behalf of the class
  • All official requests for interpretation are announced by the VC Technical on the IOM class Web site so that all interested parties are clear whether an interpretation has been officially requested or not
Thereafter, requests for interpretation go to the ISAF-RSD.
IOMICA Executive

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