UK Championships - Results?

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Olivier Cohen
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UK Championships - Results?

Post by Olivier Cohen » 29 Aug 2006, 09:17

Anybody knows?

Ken Dobbie
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UK Nationals

Post by Ken Dobbie » 29 Aug 2006, 15:16

1st Dave Potter
2nd ?? (Croatia)
3rd Graham Bantock

Jeff Kay
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Post by Jeff Kay » 29 Aug 2006, 19:18

I understand that 2nd was Zvonko from Croatia.

There are photos but no results on the UK site.


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Post by Lester » 30 Aug 2006, 12:25

Lester Gilbert


2006 UK Nats Results

Post by simonc94 » 04 Oct 2006, 23:53

I have the full results if anyone cares to see them. Cannot attach a pdf file to this forum. Drop me your mail address and I'll send them on.

Andy Stevenson
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Post by Andy Stevenson » 16 Nov 2006, 13:20

Greetings all,

I have, finally, managed to get my snaps of the GBR IOM National Championships sorted out and on the web, feel free to take a look: ... _Nationals

Bear in mind this is hosted on an old PC under my office desk at home and my net connection isn’t the swiftest you’re ever going to come across. The gallery may be slow, especially with the larger images. You may find it not there on occasion too; I’ll do my best to keep it up as much as possible.


Andy Stevenson
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