WC and EC in the future

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WC and EC in the future

Post by ole_peder » 22 Jan 2006, 11:29

I think it is best to open a new tread about the format of WC and EC.

Is the WC and EC events grown too big to handle by the event organizers?

-How many days should we and the organizers use to participate and organize such an event.

-Are the excpectance to the event too high??

-What is the minimum number of people that can organize such an event?

-is 5-10 races sufficient?

-Judges and umpiring? Here are many issues which influence the organizers and their economy.

-How many participants? 40-50-60

-Two paralell fleets. ending up in an silver and gold fleet. Someting for Lester and Anders to figure out...

Well something to start with...

I hope the excecutives in IOM ICA partisipates in this discussion, that is of vital importance to get this issue going.
Ole Peder Bjørsom
Chairman NOR NCA

David Turton
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Post by David Turton » 23 Jan 2006, 05:57

a couple of other issues for consideration as well,

1. economics, current format dictates that you need about 7-9 international judges and with that comes cost
2. this opens another point, oncourse realtime judging and adjudicating, seemingly some beleive the cost isn't worth the result, whats the alternative
3. do we need to enhance the current RRS that multiple offenders are precluded from racing with a yellow and red card system similair to soccer.
4. as the event progresses is their a series of eliminations, say from Day 2 start dropping the bottom 20%
5. Does the qualifying standard become more rigid and fleet sizes become smaller to say 40-50 boats, this would mean cost to enter increase if racing under exisiting formats.
6.its still supposed to be fun..
David Turton
IOMICA Treasurer

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