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Class Regulations and a reserved place for IOMICA Chairman

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 00:45
by Lester
Many full-size classes have a regulation which reserves a (pre-qualified) place for their current class association Chairman. I used to think that was a bad idea -- if the Chairman was worth his or her salt, s/he should qualify just like anyone else. I've now changed my mind. From a slightly more objective distance (smile) I now recognise that this would be an entirely appropriate reward and inducement for a normally pretty busy person. It would have the benefit of helping this person attend the most important class event of the year and chair one of the most important meetings of the year -- that of the owners attending the event.

I suggest a change to the IOM Class Championship Regulations. The current IOMICA Chairman should have a guaranteed place, just like the current event Champion. Comments anyone?

Posted: 31 Mar 2007, 01:34
by Bruce Andersen
I agree Lester. It would be a tangible and proper way of saying "thank you".

Posted: 02 Apr 2007, 03:51
by Chairman
I'm not sure I agree. A good administartor does not always need to compete but I guess they always have the option to decline.
If this was thought to be a reward for the time and effert by the chairman then it MUST be extended to all Executive. They all play a hugh part in keeping this class competitive and alive.
In my experiance most honory executives put their hand up cause they want to put back not take out.
Personally, If I could I would be happy to travel to France as Chairman and not compete if I thought that there was some real benefit to the class.
Personally I would probebly vote against it and leave the WC to those who can qualify and race.
In saying all that if I have not made it public before let me do it now. I will not be going to the WC this year. Another passion of mine is motor sport and I have a committment to race on the same weekend of the WC and would wear a $10,000 penalty if I did not race so this time round I will miss the sailing and the real AGM.

Posted: 03 Apr 2007, 11:33
by Lester
Chairman wrote:I'm not sure I agree
Hi Greg

Your reluctance to agree does you credit. My response while Chairman would have been similar. However, I now think that the Chairman's point of view must be discounted, because he or she would necessarily be unconvinced... (smile)!

Comments from Owners would be welcome.

Posted: 03 Apr 2007, 15:44
by Andy Stevenson
It’s difficult to separate my opinion as an Executive Officer from my opinion as an Owner. But in either case I don’t think this is such a good idea.

As a serving member of the Exec I didn’t volunteer to get perks, my reward is knowing that I’ve contributed, maybe even made a difference and I get a warm, fuzzy, contented feeling from knowing that I’m helping the class prosper and move forward.

As an Owner my feeling is that international events have restricted entries for a reason, you must qualify to take part. The defending champion, while getting a guaranteed place, has effectively pre-qualified by winning last time. Even if s/he didn’t compete in a ranking event after winning the previous WC or Euros they should still be of a calibre to defend the title.

In the case of the ICA Chairman there’s no requirement for the position to be held by an international class sailor, in fact no talent at all, as a skipper, is required for the position. I don’t feel it’s appropriate to reserve a place for a skipper to take part that hasn’t qualified, no matter his/her contribution to the class. I think such events are for the Owners, some of them put a good deal of time and effort into a campaign to qualify. To potentially deprive an Owner of the opportunity seems wrong.

I do feel that some form of recognition would be appropriate for a sitting Chairman, unfortunately I’m not clear what that should be.

As Lester has pointed out, opinions on this topic from the Chairman are likely to be a little biased, the same could be said for other Executive Officers, so I may well be displaying a bias without realising it. Lester also pointed out that his opinion only changed once he was no longer part of the Exec, reinforcing the point! My point here is that it would be more useful to hear from Owners, especially those likely to attend international events.