Election of Chairman at 2007 Worlds

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Election of Chairman at 2007 Worlds

Post by Lester » 24 Sep 2007, 19:58

I can't post into the thread "WC Meeting 2007" in the "WC Next formal meeting" section, so give some information here instead.

Some NCA Representatives and others might think that the IOMICA Exec is failing to follow IOMICA Regulations by seeming to change a World Council Resolution after the cut-off date.

There is a Regulation which describes the IOMICA voting system, catchily called "Procedure for election of IOMICA Executive Officers at a meeting of the World Council". This Regulation makes provision for an extension to the nominations date (and by implication a change to the nominations list) when there are fewer than two candidates for any Exec position.

Importantly, I think it also makes provision for this change to the deadline to be a modification of the Regulations for ordinary resolutions:
Procedure for election wrote:8.6. Voting shall proceed ... according to the Constitution and current Regulations and incorporating the modifications of this document ...
Usefully, what counts as an IOMICA Regulation is defined in the, erm, Regulations, so that the above "Procedure for election" is indeed a Regulation:
IOMICA REGULATIONS wrote:Regulation Any rule, ruling, law, byelaw, regulation, directive, guideline, term, condition, instruction, or policy enacted by the World Council.
Bottom line: I can't see that our esteemed Exec has broken any IOMICA Regulation.

(But perhaps the incoming Exec might see fit to (re)consider the timing of nominations and the notification of changes to any published nominations list...)
Lester Gilbert

Richard Rowan
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Post by Richard Rowan » 25 Sep 2007, 00:04


I take it that you are saying the document entitled "Procedure for election of IOMICA Executive Officers at a meeting of the World Council" is in fact an IOMICA Regulation.

Can you please tell me when this became a Regulation and also why is the document still sub-titled "Major Draft Version 5 ..."
Richard Rowan
General Secretary
International Radio Sailing Association

Andy Stevenson
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Post by Andy Stevenson » 25 Sep 2007, 01:52

Hi Lester

I agree that a change in the list of candidates for Exec positions is within the regulations post agenda, however I’m still of the opinion that a change to an agenda resolution isn’t. It’s therefore important to word the resolution to appoint the incoming Exec in such a way as to allow the list of nominations to change, this agenda doesn’t allow for that.

Obviously this is my personal opinion & not a reflection of the Exec’s thinking.

Andy Stevenson
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Post by RoyL » 25 Sep 2007, 04:53

Richard: Unless someone knows something different, I think you have hit the nail on the head. The "Regulations" being quoted appear to have never been formally adopted or voted upon. I guess that means that we have a certain amount of discretion to do what we all think is best for the class and its members.

On this whole issue of the two joined (or unjoined) resolutions, I can only tell you this. Bruce Andersen never intended for the two to be voted on together. He also feels strongly enough about the importance of seperate voting, that he would rather withdraw the motions than keep them bound together.

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