Comment period open for Turkey's inclusion in IOMICA

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Brig North
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Comment period open for Turkey's inclusion in IOMICA

Post by Brig North » 16 May 2013, 18:55

The country of Turkey seeks to affiliate with IOMICA as a National Class Association. The Turkish Sailing Federation has been approved by the International Radio Sailing Association as a Division Member, and based on this approval, the Executive Team has reviewed the application and puts it forward for comment as required by IOMICA Regulation 3.4.

The comment period shall be four weeks in duration, with comments to close on June 13, 2013.

Turkey has 27 IOMs on its roster with more on the way per Levend Gurkan, Turkish Sailing Federation's radio sailing committee chair.

Please forward your comments to your country's NCA representative.

Brig North
Secretary, IOMICA

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