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IRSA elections, candidates

Posted: 04 Dec 2013, 14:49
by Lester
Graham and I are tossing our hats into the ring. We'd like to hear from anyone who would be interested in joining us, and we welcome your comments, either publicly or privately (graham at, lg11 at

CEEFIE Publicity Summary
The Committee for the Election of an Effective IRSA Executive

A group of radio sailors are seeking to reinvigorate IRSA. The group’s intention is to transform IRSA into an organisation which transparently governs its International Classes and effectively administers the rules of and for international radio sailing. They intend to field a list of international candidates for the IRSA elections due in May 2014 who share similar objectives. Currently, the list includes Graham Bantock and Lester Gilbert, and will be expanded as interested candidates join.

Most radio sailors probably know more about the workings, discussions, and decisions of their national secret service than they do about IRSA. If elected, the group will change that. The group will seek to introduce procedures to yield the kinds of rules that radio sailors want, including Appendix E changes, racing systems, event management, and competitor eligibility and ranking.

If elected, the group will seek to establish a committee for each International class (M, A, 10R) to operate as an international class association and promote their class. In addition, the group will actively seek applications for recognition from other classes which are raced internationally. To support its objectives and secure the longer-term future of a more effective IRSA, the group will review IRSA Administration and will make restructuring recommendations to bring it up to date and make it fit for purpose, such as moving from a regional representation system to a class based representation system, and putting the right people in the right places for events and for information and communications.

In particular, the group will sustain the autonomy of IOMICA while providing IRSA support, adhering to the spirit and intent of the original ISAF-RSD / IOMICA Agreement of 2003 – IOMICA shall authorise International events for the IOM, and shall amend and interpret class rules in accordance with RSD (IRSA) regulations.

Re: IRSA elections, candidates; link to documents

Posted: 04 Dec 2013, 15:26
by Lester
Forgot to say the current documents (early December 2013, version 1.4) outlining our manifesto and our intended policies if elected can be downloaded here: ... 202014.htm

Re: IRSA elections, candidates

Posted: 04 Jan 2014, 20:01
by Dick Carver
Hi Lester
It's always good to hear that there are people willing to put in time and effort toward the various organizations involved with radio sailing.
With respect to IRSA, how does the election process work ?
Who gets to vote ? Does one have to be a registered member of one of the 4 International Classes ?
Who is responsible for conducting the election... our MNA, our NCA ?
I would love to participate, but I have no idea how to go about it.

Dick Carver

Re: IRSA elections, candidates

Posted: 07 Jan 2014, 00:11
by Barry Fox CAN262
For IRSA matters it is AMYA that votes and that all goes through your President, he is the defined contact for the USA. From there I am not sure how each organization deals with any resolutions or election voting. I didn't check the IRSA Constitution (or whatever they have) to see if there is a prescribed process the MNA has to follow or if they are to poll anyone. In that AMYA has a pretty active and involved Board of Directors it may be that they are the ones that decide how that is all done.

Re: IRSA elections, candidates

Posted: 07 Jan 2014, 02:23
by Dick Carver
I see. Thanks for the info Barry.
Does anybody know when this election takes place ?

Re: The fothcoming IRSA General Assembly

Posted: 07 Jan 2014, 22:57
by Richard Rowan
In response to the enquiries in this thread concerning the forthcoming IRSA General Assembly, I would like to offer the following information:

(1) The 2014 IRSA General Assembly will be held between 4th and 10th May 2014. It will be carried out inside the DNM forum on the IRSA web site. Only the designated representative of the IRSA National Member will be permitted to access the forum both prior to and during the meeting.

(2) The notice of the IRSA 2014 General Assembly together with other relevant topics is covered in the following page on the IRSA web site: ... 4-main.htm

(3) There are currently 3 tabs on that page.

- The first covers the formal process of Notification of the GA and the key dates and timeline for various steps leading up to the GA.

- The second tab provides summary news of what is happening in the run up to the GA. News will also be added while the GA is proceeding.

- The third tab details how the nominations for officers should be made.

(4) Nominations for the 10 officers in the Executive Committee may only be made by an IRSA National Member.

(5) In accordance with the IRSA constitution, all members of the IRSA Executive Committee step down at the GA. Any current member of the EC may stand for re-election by being nominated by a National Member.

(6) Where there is more than one nomination for an individual officer, the election of that officer will be made by National Members voting during the GA.

(7) If an officer post is not filled at the GA, the incoming EC will then seek to co-opt a suitable candidate after the GA.

I hope this helps to explain the process.

Richard Rowan
General Secretary
International Radio Sailing Association

Re: IRSA elections, candidates

Posted: 08 Jan 2014, 09:25
by Dick Carver
Richard, thanks for the explanation.