World Council

The 2006 World council AGM has been announced. Now is the time for IOM sailors to contact their NCAs & WC representatives with ideas and suggestions for the class. It is hoped that all proposals will be discussed in an open forum by all IOM sailors, not just the WC & Exec. The more input we have the better chance we have to get this right.

The Exec as a whole is nearing completion of proposals for rule changes for a variety of reasons:

• To bring the Class Rules in to line with the changes to the ERS & RRS.
• To incorporate Class Rule interpretations.
• To finally deal with the issue of grandfathering Texalium boats.

It’s worth mentioning that the vast majority of the rule changes likely to be proposed by the Exec will be designed to bring the existing Class Rules up to date with changes to RRS & ERS. The idea is to ensure the Class Rules still achieve the intentions they where originally designed to. In no way does the Exec intend to change the way an IOM is built, measured, sailed or raced.

Any Class Rule changes that do alter the original intent will be dealt with separately & will clearly be identified as such. Hopefully after lengthy & open discussion.


All except one NCA Annual Reports have been received (you know who you are!) Those that where received before the Exec Annual report was published have been appended.

The Exec has completed setting up the bank account and the Treasurer is busy catching up with outstanding financial matters.


IOMICA recommended SSIs have been updated as an interim measure. Assuming the rule change proposals go according to plan they should revert back to their original form after the WC AGM. Although that may well be a good time for a review.

The vast majority of the Class Rule change proposals are the remit of the TSC. However, with the TSC being short an actual sub committee, all Exec officers have had an input.


The ESC continues its deliberations. Some of the topics include:
• Updating the Race Management Manual.
• Proposals for Umpired / Observed events.
• The question of Race Officer qualifications.
• The ongoing concerns surrounding the running of international events.

The umpires report from the World Championships in Mooloolaba has now been received and is being studied by the ECS. It is likely that this will be made public in due course.


We are receiving a growing number of registrations to the IOM forum by ‘users’ who register just to advertise a product (usually medical, pornographic, etc.). The registration procedure has been changed to allow only real persons with an interest in the IOM class to register.

Andy Stevenson
IOMICA Secretary

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