April 10, 2012
IOM ICA regrets to announce that the 2012 European Continental Championship regatta, scheduled to be held in Malaga, Spain on October 30 to November 4, 2012, has been cancelled.

A number of factors are involved in this decision but the final determining factor has been physical changes to the site that are beyond the control of the host club and that have rendered the site unusable for our purposes.

Much effort by the NCA for ESP and the Host Club, Real Club Mediterráneo de Málaga (RCM), has gone   into attempting to find an alternate location but to no avail.

The IOM ICA Events Sub Committee wishes to thank ESP for stepping forward to host this event.

The Events Sub Committee will accept proposal for alternate hosts for this event but, given the short time left in the year to organize such an event, those interested must be in contact with the Committee before the end of April.

If you have any questions, please route them through your NCA Representative to the IOM ICA Secretary.

Barry Fox
IOM ICA Class Secretary

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