An Emergency International One Metre Class Rule change or interpretation of the current IOM Class Rules has been requested by CAN NCA on 27 February 2012.
The IOM ICA Technical Subcommittee has discussed the matter and following emergency change of the IOM Class Rules has been agreed:
Current IOM CR C.5.3(c)
“Except for control unit positioning and radio link information, no radio transmissions from the boat shall be made.”
The problem with the current rule is that it is dealing with “transmissions from the boat“. The majority of IOM skippers have no idea what their receivers are transmitting to transmitters. Therefore, the proposal is to declare what the skipper may use while racing.
New wording of IOM CR C.5.3(c):
“Crew may use only the following radio transmissions from the boat:
(1) control unit positioning,
(2) radio link information,
(3) monitoring of onboard battery(s) conditions.”
Rule C.5.3 is in Part C so it is used when racing. According to the proposed new wording, it is clear that the transmitter and receiver may exchange more data, links, etc., which may be used while not racing. To be in compliance with proposed IOM CR C.5.3(c) you may use any radio set but you must shut down features on your transmitter (display, audio message, etc.) which are not permitted by the IOM Class Rules. Battery monitoring is explicitly allowed in the proposed class rule change.
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