New NCA: The Bahamas (BAH)

World Council Members: I, Fred Rocha, serving as Chairman of the Executive Committee am proud to announce the completion and approval of the application process allowing Bahamas to become the IOM ICA family’s newest National Class Association. I am hoping that you will extend your support and welcome to all their participating skippers at upcoming

2021 IOM ICA AGM Minuites

1. Call to Order 2. Confirm Quorum 3. Approve Agenda 4. Declare Voting Strength 5. Elected Officers 5.1. Chairman 5.1.1. Olivier Cohen (FRA) 5.2. Treasurer 5.2.1. Sean Wallis (AUS) 5.3. VC Technical 5.3.1. Robert Grubisa (CRO) 5.4. VC Communications 5.4.1. Josip Marasovic (CRO) 6. Changes to the IOM Class Rules – See Appendix A (a special resolution) 6.1. IOM Class Rules

2022 IOM World Championships – Postponed

Firstly on behalf of IOMICA I apologise for the delay in this posting. Due to the ever changing travel restrictions around the world it continues to be challenging to ensure that all NCA members are able to attend the proposed world championship in April 2022 at Rogoznica, Croatia. As a result of the continued travel

IOMICA’s Travel Restrictions Review Guidelines

To all World Council Members: I hope this message finds each and every one of you in good health and in good spirits. IOMICA have acknowledged concerns regarding worldwide travel from its membership. As a result have sought to address these concerns. Following discussion within the IOMICA Executive, the Events Team, and the host of

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