2020 IOM European Championship: Postponement

IOMICA VC events has received a memorandum from ITA NCA requesting the postponement of the European Championship until October 2021.
(Note: all international sailing events in Italy have now been cancelled or postponed)
Whilst it is several months away from the event, and considering the uncertainty of  COVID 19 in the host country and around the world, IOMICA VC events accepts the  recommendation of the ITA NCA to postpone the event.
This decision has not been taken lightly but with the wellbeing and safety of all competitors and race officials paramount, it is a necessary one.
As a result the bidding for the IOM World Championship will be suspended until further notice and bidding opened for other possible continental championships to take place in 2021. Bids are welcomed from today until 6th July 2020. On conclusion of this process, the bidding will be reopened for the IOM World Championship which will take place in 2022.
Stay safe !
Rob Walsh

In Memoriam: Mr. Barry Fox

It is with a heavy heart that I wanted to notify our IOM community of the recent passing of Mr. Barry Fox on Sunday morning February 16th. His three children were with him, and his passing was peaceful.
Barry was a long-time member of the IOM ICA Executive Team serving a Secretary for years, and was incredibly active within the ranks of Canadian Radio Yachting Association (CRYA). His administrative support to radio sailing, diligent attention to  detail, selflessness, and humor will be genuinely missed by all that knew him. He was a  stalwart supporter of the IOM Class we all love so much, and gave freely of his time and effort so others could enjoy this passion.

Barry Fox


Gary Boell
IOM ICA Secretary

2021 IOM World Championship: Bids

IOMICA is welcoming bids to host the next IOM World Championship in 2021.
Bids are welcome up to and inclusive of 30th April 2020.
Bids to be submitted using the current questionnaire template.
Please send bids to vcevents”at”iomclass.org .
Rob Walsh
VC Events

IOM ICA 2019 AGM Notice of Meeting Conclusion

Please find copy of our voting strength document, and the outcome of the 2019 Ballot measure.  I have also provided a copy of the completed agenda that  highlights a couple of salient points raised by both Mr. Gavin Watson (GBR NCA REP), and Mr. Miguel Salvador (EPS NCA REP) in the “Discussion form the Floor” portion of the Agenda outline.  Both topics require a time bound response by the IOM ICA board, in addition to postings being made on our IOM ICA site.

I will send a World Council update when the historic financials are posted, and review with Mr. Pedro Egea the options for an online World Council Forum potentially within the IOM ICA page.

On a more somber note, I learned this morning that Mr. Fred Rocha (our IOM ICA Chairman) lost his father today.  Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, as this must be a tremendously difficult time for the Rocha family.

Thank you all for your continued support, feedback, and participation throughout this AGM process.

With Kindest Regards,

Gary Boell

IOM ICA Secretary