Details for NCA forum moderators

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Details for NCA forum moderators

Post by Chairman » 20 Nov 2003, 14:39

In general, all discussion should take place in the "IOM sailors general" forums, for the benefit of the whole community of IOM sailors and visiting guests.

For NCA-specific business, there are one or two NCA-specific forums that can be set up by the board Administrator. The "NCA General" forum is where all NCA-specific discussion topics are started and messages are posted by NCA-only members. Informal ballots can also be created here. The "NCA Ballots and votes" forum is intended to be reserved for matters which involve "official" voting by NCA members on IOM class rules and IOMICA regulations. Only the NCA moderator can create a ballot, though a NCA member can post a text message in reply to the ballot topic as well as vote.

To gain access to the NCA-specific forums, a member applies to join the relevant usergroup (clicks on the "Usergroup" icon at the top of the screen), such as "GBR". The NCA Moderator receives this request, and approves it (or not!). A moderator should check the boat number is correctly registered to the stated owner before approval, if the moderator intends to use the NCA balloting facilities of this forum for their World Council voting.

Please review what an intending forum user is told about joining a NCA usergroup in the "How to join a NCA user group" topic in this "New...?" forum. A NCA moderator may decide to adopt a different policy for his NCA usergroup if he does not intend to use his forum for "official" NCA balloting, and may permit any NCA IOM owners to join, whether their boats have hull numbers or not.

Some NCA moderators may wish to have two usergroups, one of "Certificated owners" (where the boat has a valid certificate), and one of "Registered owners" (where the boat does not have a valid certificate although it did previously pass fundamental measurement). Ask the board Administrator to set up two usergroups if required. These groups would probably be called "XXX" and "XXX Cert", where "XXX" is the country abbreviation, for example, "GBR" and "GBR Cert".

Please post a policy statement (as an announcement) for your NCA in your NCA forum, or, if this is not visible to a user until after he or she joins the NCA, in the "Class associations and class management" forum. The post title would be something like "Welcome to the XXX NCA usergroup", or "Want to join the XXX NCA usergroup? Read on...". In this post, you would explain how a user joins the NCA usergroup, what you wish to see in the "Boat Registration Number" field if different from usual, and how your NCA forum operates.

In general, a NCA moderator will communicate with his NCA members by posting messages in the NCA forum. If a moderator needs to guarantee that every member of the NCA usergroup is advised about a message, without worrying whether they will log in to the forum to see what is new, there is a "mass mail" facility, where information can be e-mailed to the users in a particular usergroup. Apply to the Administrator, giving him the text of the information you wish to send, and the name of the usergroup you wish to receive it.
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