Looking for a competitive boat (Michigan, USA)

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Looking for a competitive boat (Michigan, USA)

Post by seanfidler » 18 Dec 2021, 16:31

Hello all.

If you have something reasonably competitive that you’re selling, or considering selling, please feel welcomed to email me at gmail.com username of smfidler….

I am not new to RC sailing and have owned an IOM (Vapor?) in the past (briefly). I currently own a couple EC12’s and a DF95. I find IOMs to be very exciting however and wish to give it a proper try.

I realize the chances of finding a competitive boat for sale here (in a short timeframe) are very slim, but it never hurts to try. So here I am!

I’m also considering a new boat. I’ve not heard back from any of the main builders after sending emails (it’s been a week or so now, I’ll keep trying). Can anyone help me find the builder of the K2? I can’t find a solid website for them and nothing is listed on the US IOM page. I understand that they are an “all in complete package” and are fairly pricey, but if they are responsive maybe it’s the right choice for me.

Any other ideas?

I’m planning on attending the Sarasota Florida event in January and hope to arrange at least a borrowed boat for that event.

Thanks in advance for any advise or ideas,

Michigan, USA

Josip Marasovic
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Re: Looking for a competitive boat (Michigan, USA)

Post by Josip Marasovic » 20 Jan 2022, 22:23


not sure how is it possible that Google didn't throw "K2 IOM" search as the first result for K2 IOM sailboat, but here is the link:
https://www.sailboatrc.com/product/kant ... m-boat-k2/

Enjoy! :D

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