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Barry Chisam
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Post by Barry Chisam » 24 Oct 2007, 19:42

After a hard disc failure on my PC I have been unable to retreive my email contacts list. This of course includes the email addresses of many customers. I have names and dates of orders but no mail address. If you or anyone you know has a boat on order with me please contact me at .

Sorry for for the problem and hope to hear from you soon.

Barry Chisam

Ken Binks
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ISIS World Champs France

Post by Ken Binks » 28 Oct 2007, 19:43

Sorry to hear of your 'hard drive' problems. Also you will know what a disappointment it was to for me to withdraw from the IOM WC. I left on the 'Lay' day to bring my wife back to the UK thro ill health.(still ongoing) The new ISIS was really on the pace and performed on the run in particular. The WC was one of the toughest so far with 'top' names having to excel to get out of 'B' fleet and into 'A' for the low scores. Congrates to Brad Gibson on his win and gentlemanly conduct on the water. Particularly impressive was Peter Stollery who managed to stay in 'A' fleet for the entire Regatta. I believe the ONLY skipper in the fleet!


Ken Binks :D
Ken Binks UK

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