Plans for a wooden IOM

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Jeremy Price
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Plans for a wooden IOM

Post by Jeremy Price » 07 Sep 2023, 09:43

Hi all, does anyone know of any other plans apart from those below suitable for building an IOM in wooden planks, where the plans are not too out of date. Really looking for laser cut options or at least a file in pdf format that I can turn into laser cut files myself.

All I know of is the Following:
• Vickers V8 (I have built this - great files)
• Ellipsis pdf and other files available
• Equinox pdf and other files available (I have built this - great files)
• Alternative (but paper only plans which are a pain)
• Corbie 5 (paper plans only [/list]or have to pay someone in UK for laser cut stations - I'm in Australia)[/list][/list]

I understand how much work goes into the development, but was hoping for more recent plans than EG: the V8.....
regards Jeremy

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