any ideas what this IOM is

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peter spence
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any ideas what this IOM is

Post by peter spence » 10 Feb 2004, 11:12

if I knew how to attach pics to this forum I would do - does anyone care to tell me how - I am using a Mac and I cant figure it out at all ?

anyway - I keep getting notified about new pictures being posted on the MSN site

- does anyone know what the boat is that is on... ... snw?Page=5

I did email the bloke but he aint replied yet




Post by edmorales » 10 Feb 2004, 12:00

that would be my boat. a '99 highlander, at least thats what the sticker/markings inside the hull says.

IOMICA Chairman
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Re: any ideas what this IOM is

Post by Chairman » 10 Feb 2004, 13:44

peter spence wrote:if I knew how to attach pics to this forum I would do - does anyone care to tell me how
Hi Peter

The good news can be found in the forum "New to the IOM Forum? Please start here...", and look up the topic "How do I post a picture, a link, or a document?"

The bad news is that "... you can only link to an image stored on a publicly accessible web server...", so giving the link to the Web site was fine. But if you have the enthusiasm to establish the exact name of the file, you could reference it as an image -- here it is:


... and the name of the image file is "0RAA2AzYTPXqZ!rDdWwpQFQZRRPog*sxwZEnj6zXaTQVJxf77syY3cU3ZIDPd27em3d*00SEzArtghe4e2n2xgoPA1oSk9w*2*C06mjlFHSY/ROUND4.JPG?dc=4675457818342928523"
IOMICA Executive

Steve Landeau
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Post by Steve Landeau » 11 Feb 2004, 06:05

Yep, that's a Highlander.
That's some real nice looking water! Where is it, and when is the regatta? :lol:
Steve Landeau
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Rob Davis
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Post by Rob Davis » 11 Feb 2004, 18:44

I think it's Rick Martin's old Highlander.

Rob Davis
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Rick Martin
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Post by Rick Martin » 11 Feb 2004, 19:19

Good eye Rob. Yes that is my 1999 Highlander which was sold to Ed Morales of the Philippines who sails it in Doha Qatar.
Rick Martin


Post by edmorales » 12 Feb 2004, 08:09

hello rick! i was able to renew all the sheets according to your recommended procedure with out any hitch. it was'nt so hard. finished it in 15 minutes max! i used 20 kg multifilament dyneema. i also built the B rig from the sailsetc pack as recommended. thanks for the advice :D
best regards,
Ed Morales

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