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RMG Winch set up....

Posted: 22 Oct 2014, 17:43
by Dave Pickett
This may be of help to some folk, many at my local club are not keen of the programmable aspect of the RMG as it is viewed this days as largely unnecessary since the built in EPA adjustment on modern TX's is far easier to work with.

On my TS2 the winch overides my TX which I find really annoying so I was looking at finding a better set up on my new Sharaz, especially as the RX is buried away inside the radio pot, so here's what I ended up doing:

- Set the EPA on both full in and out at 120%
- Took the drum off the winch and program the winch to accept these end points, it is also necessary to move the sheets full in and out for the winch to accept the settings.
- Put the TX EPA own low - 60 - 80% is a safe margin
- Start TX and then the RX and centralise the stick/winch
- Put the drum back on at midpoint
- It is now possible to sheet in and adjust the full in point on the TX EPA as required, repeat with the sheeted out position.

I am sure many will have figured this out, but it may just help someone out there!

Re: RMG Winch set up....

Posted: 28 Oct 2014, 19:44
by John Hanton
Not sure why many would consider the RMG end point settings un-necessary, even with all singing/dancing transmitters pretty sure they are retained to protect the boat. When set, if the transmitter EPA should change you get some dead stick. If they are not set you get a stalled winch, or worse a broken boat. I agree they are a fiddle to set up, especially if the receiver is hidden, but still well worth the effort for peace of mind.