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This morning at the lake...

Posted: 18 Sep 2005, 21:58
by Andy Stevenson
Double figures on the water again today, not bad for a small club like ours. Runaway victory once again by our resident Sailsetc patron, no surprise there then, lovely boat.

Having acquired my IOM on the basis of price & availability I didn’t actually know what it was. Having wandered around the bank this morning asking everyone except the bloke who knows, I’ve now discovered that I’m the proud owner of an Oscar.

A quick Google informs me that someone once had an Oscar sink & recovered, it was the first IOM in Finland in 1999 & at least 3 appeared in the UK IOM Nationals at Greenock in the same year (Thanks to Lester’s site for that). Mention is also made of a “newâ€

Posted: 19 Sep 2005, 10:30
by peter spence
hi there - dont have any info about who designed the Oska, but as you correctly suggest if you contact Peter Wiles at PJ Sails (01202 744101) he will be able to gove all the info you need - he builds/sails them (or did a couple of years ago) so presumably knows who designed it etc - and I think he also does cheaper fittings than Sailsetc if you're on a budget :)



Posted: 19 Sep 2005, 13:01
by Andy Stevenson
Thanks Peter, I'll give him a call.