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jib boom counterweight

Posted: 18 Apr 2021, 14:06
by YNESTA Joseph
Hello ,
I don't know if the subject has already been treated, but as a French measurer, I would like to know in which category between the jib boom counterweights, corrector weight or fittings?
This question in order to know if these counterweights could be at a density higher than that of lead?

Thanks a lot for your answers .


Re: jib boom counterweight

Posted: 18 Apr 2021, 16:14
by YNESTA Joseph
I apologize for my question but while reading and rereading, rereading my eyes finally stopped on F.4.4. (B) (3) thank you

Re: jib boom counterweight

Posted: 19 Apr 2021, 23:46
by Bruce Andersen
What did you decide?

The rules pertaining to the "rig" state that material of any density is allowed below the "lower point", to allow counter weights to be placed onto or inside the spar to make all rigs the same weight (C.7.3 (a)).

The jib boom counterweight is not really a corrector weight (which is "fixed into the hull" per C.4.3).

It is listed in F.4.4(b)(3) as an "optional boom fitting".

If it is considered a "fitting" than (per F.4.1(c)), material is unrestricted, thus jib boom counterbalance weights of any material should be legal for use as a jib boom "fitting".