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Gilbert Louis
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US IOM forum

Post by Gilbert Louis » 25 Oct 2008, 19:34

Hi, I had tried to register to the forum months ago and I got an error message. Since I have tried to re-register since it didn't work the first time round but it seems that the system kept my email address as if I was registered. To cut a long story short I can't login (can't remember my username now) and can't re-register as my email address is already registered now...

Can anyone from the US forum help me ?

Gilbert LOUIS
V6 - RMG - Blackmagick
IRL41 - Ireland

Dick Carver
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Post by Dick Carver » 29 Oct 2008, 04:57

Gilbert, your origional account has been deleted.
This should clear your e-mail address from the system.
Try registering again.
Dick Carver

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