Application for NCA Status from ISR

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Barry Fox CAN262
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Application for NCA Status from ISR

Post by Barry Fox CAN262 » 13 Jan 2011, 02:23

In teh past, from what I can see, the "public announcement" of application for new NCAs has been posted on teh World COuncil section of this Forum, which most of you can't see. For our last coupleof new NCAs I followed what I could see. However, that likely doesn't quite constitute a real public view of the news.

So below is the text of the posting to the World Council (they also received a direct email from me with the same information) so that everyone is aware of the application. If you have objections or comments for this particular application, now is the hour to voice them.

If there are no objections received by Feb 9th, ISR will become our newest NCA.


The Executive Committee is pleased to announce that an application has been received from the Israeli IOM National Class Association to take up the role of National Class Association for ISR.

We have received the relevant documents detailing Registered and Certificated owners and have satisfied ourselves that the conditions for membership of the World Council have been met. A Memorandum of Understanding is in progress and will be signed shortly.

This message constitutes notice under IOMICA regulation 3.4. Further details can be requested from the IOMICA Secretary.
Barry Fox
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Ian Stead
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Re: Application for NCA Status from ISR

Post by Ian Stead » 13 Jan 2011, 06:54

Did not know they sailed IOM's in Isreal , great news though.

I wonder if they will be granted a guest place for the Worlds this year , i imagine this is why they are applying now.

Under rule 8.6 (iv) of the allocation process, the ESC have the final say.
The ESC consists of Olivier Cohen,Martin Roberts,Lana Butler,Jeff Byerley.
With places at a premium this year i hope these guys get it right or there will be an awful lot of upset people.

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