IRSA elections, CEEFIE newsletter #4: Class Administration

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IRSA elections, CEEFIE newsletter #4: Class Administration

Post by Lester » 04 Apr 2014, 17:32

I thought that IOM sailors might be interested in the fourth CEEFIE newsletter we've recently sent to the IRSA DMNs.


This is our fourth e-mail "newsletter" to you displaying our combined determination to modernise and move the IRSA into a new era that we can all be proud to be a member of. Following are a range of very specific goals in terms of Class Administration we will be looking to implement should you elect our group into the IRSA Executive Committee.

Class Administration: A Core Initiative From The CEEFIE Group

While IRSA is responsible for the M, 10R, and A, there is no IRSA Executive Committee activity which specifically administers these classes and which specifically promotes them. Therefore, we will seek to establish a committee for each of these classes from the elected Executive Committee which will operate as an international class association. In addition, we will actively seek applications for recognition from other classes which are raced internationally (RG 65, for instance). These IRSA international class associations will not displace any regional or country based association but rather work with them to advance and enhance their class.

• Each executive class committee will operate as an international class association, tasked with managing and promoting its class.
• Each executive class committee will authorise its World Championships (and any other International events) with Events Committee support and manage its class rules with Technical Committee support.
• For each executive class committee, an early task will be to clarify the International status of their class with respect to the requirements laid down in the Regulations.
• For the M and 10R Class committees, their class rules will be brought up to date and a number of recent technical issues addressed with Technical Committee support.
• For the A Class committee, a long-overdue and substantial rewrite of the class rules in ISAF Standard Class Rules format will be undertaken with Technical Committee support.
• We will encourage the formation of independent International class associations for the IRSA classes.
• We will seek applications for recognition from other internationally active classes which will find such recognition attractive when they understand how IRSA wishes to grant them autonomy and support them along with rights to hold World and other international championships.
• As an early example of being proactive in demonstrating overdue support, the Technical Committee will draft an ISAF Standard Class Rules version of the current RG65 class rules for that class to use should it want to.
• As other new classes emerge in the international arena, the IRSA will also cooperate with them to support this growth in whatever way we can. If the IRSA takes a proactive lead in international radio yachting, then we will all grow in a unified way rather than haphazard and neglected.

We will sustain the autonomy of IOMICA while providing IRSA support, adhering to the spirit and intent of the original ISAF-RSD / IOMICA Agreement of 2003 that IOMICA shall authorise International events for the IOM. We will re-sign the Agreement that has lapsed since RSD became IRSA.

CEEFIE are a determined group of concerned volunteers from a large variety of backgrounds with a common goal of wishing to make a difference in our sport, please help us achieve this by electing the whole group in May.

Not to take these initiatives would be to risk the possibility that the IRSA classes will fall even further behind to where they should be. Please let us tidy up this important international association for and with all the radio sailors of the world.

This newsletter was completed by Selwyn, Matteo, and Patrice. Any correspondence, questions, points of clarification, or if you just want to chat, feel free to email us.

Kind regards

Patrice Montero (candidate for Regional Office Americas)
Matteo Longhi (candidate for Regional Office Europe)
Selwyn Holland (candidate for Regional Office Oceania)

The CEEFIE candidates
Chairman: Lester Gilbert (GBR)
Vice Chairman: Eric van der Kindere (BEL)
General Secretary / Treasurer: Henning Faas (GER)
Racing Committee Chairman: Nigel Winkley (GER)
Technical Committee Chairman: Graham Bantock (GBR)
Organisation & Policy Committee Chairman: Terry Rensch (GBR)
Publicity Officer: Pedro Egea (ESP)
Regional Officer Americas: Patrice Montero (FRA)
Regional Officer Europe: Matteo Longhi (ITA)
Regional Officer Oceania: Selwyn Holland (AUS)
Lester Gilbert

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