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by Mike Allen
24 Apr 2010, 20:00
Forum: Class Rules
Topic: Draft Stripes
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Re: Draft Stripes

G.3 and G.4 in the class rules state sail shape indicator stripes are to be applied using paint or ink.
also in G4.3 that their maximum width is 30mm. A maximum of three stripes on the main and two on the jib.
by Mike Allen
28 Mar 2009, 00:18
Forum: Class Rules
Topic: Battery Weight & Placement
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Regarding corrector weights...

Some adjustment needs to be accommodated for boats to add or subtract weight as they are weighed in for an event.
by Mike Allen
08 Feb 2009, 19:11
Forum: Class Rules
Topic: Reversed kicking strap
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Shouldn't this read compression only?
"-the gooseneck can act in tension only"