Emergency Class Rule Change.

Please note that the status of this emergency rule change is that it is on hold subject to discussion with and approval from IRSA. Until further notice, the effect of the earlier Interpretation is in effect.

Prior to the 2015 Worlds and following onto an earlier Class Rule Interpretation, it became  apparent that a decent number of fittings that were in use and had been in use for years would be rendered illegal. For the purpose of getting the Worlds conducted, IOM ICA authorized the Worlds Organizers to use their Sailing Instructions to make a Class Rule change that would allow any of those fitting s presented at measuring to be allowed to be used.

Subsequently, it is obvious that something has to be done for other upcoming events to provide the same alteration to the Class Rules for all events.

Effective immediately, the following changes are made to the Class Rules in the form of an Emergency Class Rule Change.

F.3.3 (b) (14)
A plate as in F.3.3 (c) (4). 

F3.3 (c) (4)
The gooseneck and kicking strap fitting may be attached to a plate rotating around an axis behind the mast. The combined profile area of the rotating parts, including any gooseneck fitting as in F.4.3 (b) (2), shall not exceed 3000 mm2.

Bids for World Championship 2017

IOMICA is awaiting proposals from NCA wishing to organise 2017 IOM World Championships.
Deadline for questionnaire is January 15th 2016.
Olivier Cohen

2015 World Championship. Podium


Congratulations to Brad Gibson (GBR 42 World Champion),   Peter Stollery (GBR 39 , second )   and Zvonko Jelacic (CRO 35, third)