What is IOM Sailing?
A Perfect Blend of Skill, Precision and Sailing Strategy.
The International One Metre (IOM) class represents the pinnacle of RC sailing in 38 countries worldwide, demanding precision, tactical skill, and technological expertise. Governed by the International One Metre International Class Association (IOMICA), this class adheres to strict specifications and "open box" rules, ensuring fair and competitive racing on the highest levels. IOMICA facilitates international competitions, fostering a global community where seasoned sailors challenge their skills and innovate in sailboat design and strategy to win most prestigious IOM events worldwide.

An Introduction to the IOM International Class Association

The IOM ICA has three major areas of responsibility, it covers: the class rules, international events, and class measurers. It exercises these responsibilities under the jurisdiction of World Sailing.

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World Championship 2024 (AUS) - UPCOMING!

Every two years, the International One Metre (IOM) class of radio controlled yacht invite the best radio control sailors from around the globe to compete for World Championship glory.
In October 2024, the eyes of the radio sailing community turn to Queensland, Australia as the harbour city of Gladstone prepares to host this prestigious international event.

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IOM class YouTube channel

International One Metre class YouTube currently promotes all major events that are uploaded and free to share in our playlists, we suggest you open your videos publicly if you wish us to promote them to our IOM sailors worldwide.

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A welcome from the IOM ICA Executive Committee

It is my honour as one of the youngest IOMICA Executive members to address you on behalf of our newly elected Executive Committee. Like you, my passion and commitment for this brilliant global class have only strengthened with my growing participation. It is fitting having this address come from one of our youngest members, as more than 50% of our electorate is new to the Executive Board. So, to initiate this address, I would simply like to start by pausing to thank each and every one of you. Thank you for your support and participation in a radio sailing class that has origins dating back to 1958. What an accomplishment! This lengthy tradition has produced some amazing sailboat designs and memorable events year after year. The shared passion for IOM has generated a global camaraderie that unites us all. Recognizing this, we would like to acknowledge some remarkable individuals for their stalwart commitment and personal sacrifice in promoting our IOM Class and the infrastructure behind it.

We must congratulate Mr. Fred Rocha for his eight years of service as the IOM ICA Chairman and acknowledge everything he accomplished. His perpetual enthusiasm and inclusivity are traits that have greatly benefitted our class. He aspired to improve both our internal and external communication, promote the development of our class in new territories, and openly embrace new concepts and ideas. Fred was very generous with his time and support of all our organizational requirements, and worked tirelessly in this pursuit. Congratulations also need to be extended to our newly elected IOM ICA Chairman, Mr. Olivier Cohen. Additional changes in the Executive resulted in the position VC – Technical is going from Mr. Jeff Byerley to Mr. Robert Grubiša, VC – InfoComms passes from Mr. Pedro Egea to Josip Marasović, and the position of Treasurer formally transferring from Mr. David Turton to Mr. Sean Wallis. Pedro Egea deserves special recognition, as he’s tirelessly served our group with IT and “common sense” support for now eleven years — you are a genuine rockstar!! VC Measurement position is vacant, but we wanted also to congratulate Mr. Lawrie Neish, a true veteran who was helping us for around 11 years!! Gentlemen, you all deserve our heartfelt thanks for your service, and be assured we will raise a glass on your behalf.

As COVID continues to be a present challenge for all of us, I’d like to conclude this greeting with a note of enthusiasmAlways remember why the IOM Class is held in such high esteem in so many different countries, surviving the test of time! No matter how technologically advanced and exceptional IOM sailboats become in future, we will always rely on an overwhelming and continued desire to explore all facets and possibilities to improve performance and everyone’s experience in the end. We need to continue to push our limits in all sectors of this class, and convey that information in an open and democratic fashion. This voice needs to be expressed beyond just our annual vote, but vocalized at every race, regatta, start, and buoy rounding, and literally every metre moving forward. Whether you are sailing at a top international regatta or having a twilight club race with friends, you are all part of this active global IOM family. We are all facing challenges and uncertainty in our daily lives, but we do not have to question our passion and commitment to IOM. Through your individual activities and support, each of you is responsible for helping make this class what it is now and will ultimately become. Our growth and transformation evolve only when you participateexperiment, and continue to explore, so your engagement is crucial to our success in the future. We look forward to seeing you at future regattas, active in our forums and chats, social media and in photos. The year 2021 is at the very end, but we are just getting started, so let us all continue our story together.

– Josip Marasović, new VC InfoComms


The IOMICA Technical Sub Committee is dedicated to maintaining the technical integrity of the International One Metre model yacht in the best interests of IOM class owners world-wide.


The IOMICA Events Sub Committee is a committed group of international IOM sailors, who are dedicated in bringing you the very best of IOM championships.

Info Comms

The IOMICA InfoComms Sub Committee takes care of the IOMICA website and the forum.


The IOMICA Measurement Sub Committee is responsible for the class measurement rules.

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