2022 IOM ICA AGM Notice of Meeting

1. Call to Order 2. Confirm Quorum 3. Approve Agenda 4. Declare Voting Strength 5. Election of Officers 5.1. Being an even year, this is a non-voting year for officers 6. Changes to the IOM Class Regulations – See Appendix A (an ordinary resolution) 6.1. IOM Class Regulations Amendment to remove the approved 2021 resolution

IOMICA events statement – November, 2022

IOMICA is pleased to announce that the next continental championships will be held in Europe and South America. The European Championship has been awarded to ESP NCA and will take place at Torrevieja Spain 8th to the 13th of October 2023. The South American Championship has been awarded to CHI NCA and will take place

New country joins IOMICA: Welcome Hungary!

Dear IOM sailors, we are proud to announce the completion and approval of the application process allowing Hungary to become the IOM ICA family’s newest National Class Association! This, once again, proves that the IOM class is truly a global RC sailing force with many countries proudly participating in it on every continent. We are

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