IOMICA World Championship Statement

Following the recent review of travel restrictions in place on member NCAs a request was placed on the NCAs to state if the review of the travel restrictions in place were interpreted correctly by the IOMICA VC Events team. The date for stating an objection has now passed. IOMICA would like to thank all the

Notice for IOM World Council members

Following the review of the current travel restrictions in place on all NCAs it has been concluded and agreed by the Executive committee that no travel restrictions remain beyond that what has become the present day normal (testing). The exception to this is RSA but following the recent AGM they are not in good standing

A statement from IOMICA

IOMICA has joined the International Olympic Committee and World Sailing in taking the decision to suspend the participation of Russian and Belarusian sailors and officials from taking part in any competitions sanctioned by IOMICA until further notice, and strongly urges our NCAs and all event organizers to take similar action.

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