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by Graham Herbert
21 Jul 2009, 04:32
Forum: Class Rules
Topic: Mast Diameter
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Mast Diameter

There was some discussion about changing the rules to allow a thinner mast, did anything come of this and what is the minimum mast diameter?
by Graham Herbert
20 May 2009, 22:11
Forum: Events and Event Management
Topic: World Champs 2009
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What I see is that most of the people posting comments here are totally invested in there own opinions and not the least bit interested in understanding what there arch rival is trying to say. Lester seems to get a lot of abuse for rightfully pointing out that the wording of the amendments is ambigu...
by Graham Herbert
02 May 2009, 06:28
Forum: Measurement and Measurers
Topic: Sail Measurement
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Sail Measurement

Can anyone tell me the proper way to determine the quarter, half and three quarter height measurement points on the leech of the mainsail and how to take these width measurements. Thanks, Graham