IOMICA measurement interpretation

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IOMICA measurement interpretation

Post by Lester » 14 Mar 2013, 10:10

My NCA has advised me (as an "official measurer") about an issue with the Certification Measurement Form:
The MYA tech team asked IOMICA for an interpretation on who is the builder and who should sign the declaration. The response is as follows.
Where a boat is supplied 'ready to sail' from one manufacturer/supplier, then this supplier is the builder who should sign the builder's declaration on the CMF.
Where the hull, ballast and spars are supplied by more than one manufacturer/supplier, then it is the assembler of these components, who is the builder who should sign the builder's declaration.
There should not be multiple builders' signatures on the CMF. However the builder may wish to obtain assurance from the suppliers that their components comply with IOM class rules.
I can't see any mention of this request for interpretation on the IOMICA Web site or the IOMICA Forum. Have I missed something, please?
Lester Gilbert

David L Alston
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Re: IOMICA measurement interpretation

Post by David L Alston » 15 Mar 2013, 23:00

Forgive me answering your question so clearly intended for the MYA Technical Committee as to whether you have missed something, for it would seem that you have indeed missed something quite vital.

This is the IONICA website and if you were expecting a reply to your question from the MYA Technical Committee on this forum you might have a long and indeed frustrating wait ahead. Frustrating in that you may have to read, be vexed by or feel you may need to respond to a plethora of meaningless replies you might get that will not satisfy or indeed provide you with a meaningful answer to your question.'Have you missed something'

Might one suggest you pose your question directly to the MYA Technical Committee who sent you the e-mail in first place? Generally it is my experiance that they respond quite quickly and appropriately.

Or shall I copy your note to the MYA Technical Committee on your behalf if you have lost the adress.

I know, we all are getting a bit long in the tooth, tend to get very cranky and confused from time to time. But we should welcome change, accept it and simply go sailing.

Missed you at the SW ranking event. I take it you will be at Coalhouse Fort

Badskipper GBR 111

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