NCA-specific measurement forms

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NCA-specific measurement forms

Post by Lester » 14 Mar 2013, 10:17

My NCA has advised me (as an "official measurer") about an issue with a typo on its measurement form:
There was a typo in item 11 on this form, in the Rig 2 box dimension. This should read 160 mm and not 260 mm. This has now been corrected and attached is the replacement PDF with the later date prefix 2013-03-12 the file name . Please delete the previous one with the date prefix 2013-03-01......... in the file name. The replacement PDF is now published on the MYA Knowledge Base.
I had assumed that all NCAs used the official IOMICA measurement forms. There is obvious scope for error when an NCA creates its own forms, as we have seen here. There is also scope for an NCA to provide, erm, "advice" to measurers which is different from the advice or instructions given on the IOMICA forms. Is there any IOMICA policy on NCA versioning (apart from localisation -- that is, translation into a different language), please?
Lester Gilbert

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