IOM Videos?

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IOM Videos?

Post by awallin » 25 Mar 2007, 14:46

Hi All,

The Finnish radio sailors are going to the Helsinki Model Expo ( next weekend.

I'm putting together a Power Point presentation with text, pictures, drawings and videos that will be shown on a large (32" ?) display at our stand.

If anyone has good IOM racing movies (IOM Worlds/Euros would be nice) that I could show I would be interested!

Sending large files by email is problematic, so:
- If you have them online, reply to this post or send me an email with the link.
- If you don't have them online and don't have a server to host the files yourself, email me and we will work something out! (I'll create a username on and you can upload them there. Anything up to 1Gb should be doable)


Anders Wallin

Jorge Camilo
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Post by Jorge Camilo » 26 Mar 2007, 15:56


see this small video taken in the Luso galaico Trophee

I`m gonna try find some of my videos



Brig North
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Post by Brig North » 29 Mar 2007, 23:27


In March each year we have a regatta in Dallas, Texas USA called the Blow Out, as March is generally the windiest time of year here. This year's edition was a mess with no wind, but last year, it blew hard. David Eldridge and his buddies took some good video of the races with the boats in #3 rigs, which are pretty exciting. I will contact David to see if he can get these to you. I am no computer guy, but David might be able to help you in your quest.


Brig North

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