Whats the fastest way of doing a 360 deg penalty??

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Whats the fastest way of doing a 360 deg penalty??

Post by JohnB » 01 Nov 2004, 21:37

Going to windward is the gybe/tack faster than a tack/gybe.
Ok someone is going say that if theres a boat to leeway the gybe/tack is out of the question, As if theres a boat to weather the tack/gybe is out.

Downwind is the tack/gybe faster than a gybe/tack.

I have found to windward the tack/gybe is fatser by about 1 second plus you have more speed coming out of the gybe.

What are your throughts??

Arvin S.

Post by Arvin S. » 03 Nov 2004, 06:50

I think one factor has to also be considered here:

Wind speed. I imagine that to windward you would want to bear away then gybe then tack to do your penalties so that you can get some speed for this manouver plus maybe even make sure you are keeping clear of other boats.

Frankly though I have always started my penalities with a Tack probably coz of habit than anything else, specially in a close hauled position.

But I have actually done a 360 that took 1 minute or more to complete because it was drifting conditions.


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