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david milner-lees
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Post by david milner-lees » 18 Jun 2017, 10:21

International One Metre
To be a one design or to be a restricted class,
or could we be both?

We probably all know the strengths and weakness of a restricted class, it promotes the ethos of the fastest boat wins (not always true, you do need to be a good sailor as well) but it does also have a costs disadvantage and cost is important. This letter is intended as a tool to prompt discussion with the hope that many good ideas could see the light of day.

Modern competitive sailing began back in the days of the first Americas cup when boats were built to individual design and money was no problem. The first cup was awarded by the Royal Yacht Squadron Cowes in 1851 leading to the first challenge in 1870. Now the Americas cup is quite different, with costs under control, regular events and a level playing field. The answer was to move to a one design class which is the way the rest of the world has already gone.

So why not consider an I.O.M. one design as a feeder class for the currant I.O.Ms. I can already hear the die hards calling heretic, and we ran the last non believer out of town. I can also hear some saying, don't fix what is not broken, and I agree! I wish to make it quite clear that I believe the I.O.M class is a great institution and the success of the class is very evident in the number of enthusiasts world wide. The association has a long and valuable history which could give a great boost to a new one design class.

We can always improve, for example many clubs experience a lack of new members wanting to take up the sport, in part due to high costs, also members leaving due to dexterity difficulties in later life both these issues need addressing.

Starting a new class from scratch is a big job and takes many years to come to fruition. So why not just pick one of the existing I.O.M,s and use it as the basis to produce a new one design class. Tackling issues such as cost, ease of use and having licensed builders supplying completed boats already measured. Making it easier for new members to get started, easier for clubs to start a new class and with a boat that could be legal in both camps with just a couple of extra rigs. It should be also possible to run open events for both classes at the same venue.

Some starter ideas of mine to get the ball rolling :-

Target price 700 to 800 US Dollars on the water. This should be possible as it would allow
builders to mass produce hulls in larger numbers as no obsolescence.

A minimum weight increase to allow a stronger hulls to be built. So less need for
repairs, I am not saying by how much, I leave that to those more qualified than me.

A one rig design, using the I.O.M. B rig only. A and C rigs could be added by owners as and when they wanted to try their luck in the main stream.

A fully water tight hull and water tight central compartment for all electrics.
with accessibility through a water tight lid. This would just need a change of the deck layout to take a separate compartment. and a small screw cover for batteries.

The ability to fit and remove all electrics with ease. With out needing 20/20 vision and no problem. with shaky hands

Water proof servos as part of the class rules (where and when available) and a move to water resistant receivers as well. Some dialogue with manufacturers would be necessary and I do understand that manufactures are only interested in numbers, but we are a large group but need to get bigger.

To ditch the continuous drum line system, favouring a continuous belt and toothed pulley. This eliminates lines breaking or damage when a sheet snags, the belt just simply jumps a tooth and is easy to re a just.

Thank you for reading my letter and hope you could post my comments on your Facebook etc
and I look forward to some feed back..

David Lees

Dave Pickett
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Post by Dave Pickett » 15 Jul 2019, 16:31

It's not at all surprising there are no responses, all people seem to want to do is change nothing, which ultimately will act against the IOM class. I see the IOM situation as follows:

- It's a great boat to sail and we have a great chance to convert new sailors from DF95s to the class.
- This opportunity is being missed due to the cost of the boat and equally importantly the waiting list for a new hull, anything up to 18 months for a Britpop as an example.
- I'm always reluctant to introduce a new class, it simply dilutes the numbers competing in each

There is a need to update the class and allow carbon spars and other changes, and really to get a manufacturer involved in producing decent quantities of a one design boat complete with rigs that would compete as an IOM not a separate class. If a manufacturer could put a kit together around £1000 I think they would have a ready market that would transform the class. I find 3d printing a possible option which would control costs, to date I'm not sure they are strong enough however.

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