2007 IOM Class Rules

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2007 IOM Class Rules

Post by awallin » 11 Apr 2007, 18:44

I have just uploaded the 2007 IOM Class Rules to our website along with new measurement forms and two documents with details on how the decisions for the new rules were made.

Read all about it at www.iomclass.org
Anders Wallin

Andy Stevenson
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Post by Andy Stevenson » 11 Apr 2007, 21:08

Now that the documents are available publicly it’s worth taking a few moments to summarize the decisions from RSD.

They have seen fit not to pass Resolution 2.6 concerning sail attachments on the grounds that a double luff effect could be had from a mainsail attachment under the proposed rule change.

An amended resolution 2.4 has been passed by RSD, the concern being that corrector weights above the lower point could enhance mast stiffness if of a suitable material. A density limit has therefore been imposed for corrector weights above the lower point in an effort to counteract any stiffness gain.

An amended resolution 2.21 has been passed; the old texalium chestnut! The wording has been altered but not the intent.

The remaining resolutions have been passed and will be incorporated into a new Class Rule document along with the RSD amended resolutions.

The Exec feels this is a reasonable outcome; the amendments to AGM resolutions are addressing real issues and in keeping with the spirit and intent of the original resolutions.

We would welcome discussion on this outcome, particularly the suggested alteration regarding resolution 2.6 and more generally on how we can learn from this experience.

Andy Stevenson
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